Breathe In captures what it means to be trapped in a suburban lifestyle. In Drake Doremus’ latest film he tells the traditional story of those who live in what may seem, a perfect lifestyle and how they want a life that does not revolve around the school run and sending out family Christmas cards. In this […]

On the 2nd July in Cornwall at the Eden Project, the outdoor biome was transformed in to a concert area where many gathered for an intimate set headlined by the xx and accompanied by supporting artists CHIC featuring Nile Rogers. The event can only be described a snug, it was almost as though each member […]

Witty, emotional and a classic that still can be appreciated now. So as a gift I was given a Woody Allen Boxset. Now the characteristic of one who likes a Woody Allen film is typically idealistic, hopelessly romantic and self-destructive. I guess, if I had no choice then, yes I would describe myself in that […]

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The origin of English words. I just want to remind all my tweeps to refrain from photobombing me unless you want my ripped OH to set a micropig lose on you during one of your date nights. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but how many of you recognized six new…

A review of Bonjour Tristesse (‘Hello Sadness’) In this short romance story set in France Sagan has depicted a world of jealously, greed and passion through a child’s eyes.  Cecile is not a child through age but rather through her acts of selfishness and deceitfulness. Cecile has always been the centre of attention in her […]

Just as the oxymoron of the title suggests Jamie McGuire’s novel is filled with resisting temptation and seduction. A reader should never judge a book by its cover but something about a butterfly being trapped in a glass jar is inveigling. This book has been compared to Fifty Shades of Grey but that is just […]

Why are more students deciding to study journalism and in the English Capital? I hear the stories of international students. Jenna Rinderknecht, 20, from Zurich talks about balancing socializing and studying.  There needs to be a good balance between going out and studying. I’m keen to get good grades; I think it’s quite important that […]

Long have gone the days when we curl up in bed with a cup of tea, reading a book. Now are the days of the fast paced, compact Kindle. The Kindle, which was introduced two years ago, has affected book sales online and in store dramatically. In a press release-at Luxemborg, 6th August- states: […]

Before it rains is the poignant independent play written by Katherine Chandle which has recently just been showcased at the Bristol Old Vic. The play is made up of a cast of three, Lisa Palfrey, Craig Gazey and Harry Ferrier, who all give an exceptional performance and portrayal of their characters. The play is set […]

Most of us know the story of Sweeney Todd, but for those of you who do not; Sweeney Todd is a fictional character (although there are many debates) who would murder people in his barber shop on Fleet Street, London. Sweeney Todd was a crazed barber who would seat his victims in a chair, lure […]