Royal Academy of Arts: Summer Exhibition Review

If you are looking for something to do this summer then the Royal Academy of Arts is definitely a must. This is the exhibition’s 244th year. The exhibition has 14 rooms each as impressive as the last. There is a little bit of art for everyone, as the RA claims there are paintings, sculptures, photography, printmaking, architecture and film.

From the moment I stepped into the ‘Wohl Central Hall’, I was encapsulated by the penetrating deep red walls which hold over 50 different paintings selected by Tess Jaray. After your eyes adjust to the boldness and authority of the room, dominance is created again by a statue of a bronze man in the nude, priced as mightily as the sculpture stands.

As I make my way through all of rooms I am overwhelmed by the creativity that surrounds me. It is remarkable how can there be so much creativity, thought and surrealism in each room. My words fail to correctly justify every painting. Controversy jumps out everywhere from chairs made out of chicken bones, to sculptures of children with feathers instead of skin.

The exhibition has something for everyone from original manuscripts of Jane Eyre, to abstract films for those of you who appreciate the beauty of music, to comical pictures such as the one of Surgeons standing around an operating table with a splodge on it captioned “it was a device for turning school meals back into food”.

The beauty of the exhibition lies in the fact that the works are from artists from all around the world. The pieces from academics and non-academics have not been isolated from each other; instead all pieces have been combined as one, yet still strike individuality.

For me this was a journey of discovering real art, as it will be for you.


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