Top 5 things to do in and around Bristol in the Summer

That time of year has arrived when we become stuck in a rut about what to do in the summer. Amongst juggling work and home life, we are now faced with the challenge of making the most of the little sunshine we receive in Bristol. Finding activities for the family, children, couples and groups of friends can be hassle. So here is a guide of the top 5 things to do in Bristol in the summer.

–          Day trip to Bath Open Daily (suitable for all ages, couples, families)

Bath is the beautiful sister city to visit in the summer. The picturesque city allows many wonderful activities; such as having a picnic in Bath park, watching entertaining street performances, taking a stroll along the river or even visiting the beloved Jane Austen Museum (for those literature lovers). Bath is a 10 minute train journey or an hour bus journey from Bristol City Centre, the best deals can be found from websites such as and

–          Bristol M Shed Open Daily (suitable for all ages)

The Bristol M shed is a recently opened museum situated in the heart of Bristol in the Harbour side. The Bristol M shed is a great place to brush up on your knowledge and history of Bristol. It is fun for all of the family. The museum is interactive and educational; it provides information from the 1700’s up until the present about; the areas in Bristol, transportation, architecture, schooling, clothing, crime and punishment, the arts, the media, food and royalty. This innovative museum should not be missed!

–          Bristol Museum and Art Gallery Open Daily (suitable for all ages)

If you want to expand your knowledge and history beyond Bristol, then the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery offers history at a worldwide level. In the Bristol Museum one can discover information on Nature, Ancient Egypt, Archaeology, Geology, Minerals, Wildlife, Art, Pottery & Ceramics and Eastern Art with life size models and helpful summaries this museum combines facts with fun for all to enjoy.

–          Sunset on Clifton suspension bridge Open Daily (suitable for couples)

After a busy day at work on a weekday, what better way to spend the evening with a loved one than by watching the Sunset on or near Clifton Suspension Bridge. With hotspot views such as the Downs and Clifton Observatory, the sight is really spectacular. The perfect place for an early evening BBQ or a glass of wine accompanied by a picnic; the view of a Sunset by Clifton Suspension Bridge is truly remarkable.

–          Bristol Harbour Festival: 20 Jul 2012 To 22 Jul 2012 (family fun)

Bristol Harbour Festival is a great way to celebrate Bristol’s creativity and free spirit. There are many market stalls with trinkets, clothes, plants and food from around the world. Alongside the shops there are many stages where one can catch lively dance performances or family friendly plays and live abstract art by local companies (all free of charge). The multiculturalism of Bristol is brought to life through the harbour festival.


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