Fifty Shades of Grey: A story made to be judged?

Okay, as it’s relevant right now, I thought I would post my opinions about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

This book has clearly been written because it challenges everything about post 21st Century Feminism however I do not think it’s portraying how women want to be seen.

Most who have criticized the book have said that it is poorly written and that it conveys a woman’s ‘inner goddess’, which can be read as 21st century women want to be open with their sexuality but are too afraid to let loose so instead in this scenario they buy this book and suddenly become brave in the bedroom. This is a very narrow minded opinion and we, as a society need to stop viewing women (feminist or non-feminist) as some sort of homogeneous group.

I honestly have to disagree that the book is poorly written, the author is not trying to claim herself as a literary great, the nature of the novel leads itself to be simple, comprehensible and provocative.

The author has created a bold move with this story; not only has she written an erotic tale, it’s a story of love, self discovery, escapism and can even be argued as educational.

The way the story is written allows the characters to explore and learn about each other mentally and physically. Although the character roles begin as a dominant/submissive relationship the roles are very equal and Anastasia is not forced in to anything she does not want to do.

Before people start to voice their thoughts on the book they should actually take the time out to read all three which will allow them to give an objective opinion.

Furthermore, instead of only seeing the sexual side of the book readers should dig a little deeper in to the meaning and I’m sure they’ll find themselves surprised about what they can draw from it.


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  1. reading7mandy · · Reply

    The biggest thing for me was I could not get past the poor editing and writing. I know it was originally published as Twilight fan fiction, but I still don’t think it makes up for it. I must say though I despise these books and not because of feminism or anything like that. I have read romance novels more erotic than these books. They are supposed to be these hugely erotic novels and I found the characters talk about sex more than actually have it. Also sometimes the author seems to forget what she wrote just a page before and changes things (much like goofs in a movie where the character will be wearing a brown shirt and then suddenly be in a black shirt). Also how the author has Anna use the same reactions all the time “Oh My” or “Shit”. For me the books were just one big mess after another.

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