Monthly Archives: September 2012

Before it Rains: A Review

Before it rains is the poignant independent play written by Katherine Chandle which has recently just been showcased at the Bristol Old Vic. The play is made up of a cast of three, Lisa Palfrey, Craig Gazey and Harry Ferrier, who all give an exceptional performance and portrayal of their characters. The play is set […]


‘There was a barber and his wife…’

Most of us know the story of Sweeney Todd, but for those of you who do not; Sweeney Todd is a fictional character (although there are many debates) who would murder people in his barber shop on Fleet Street, London. Sweeney Todd was a crazed barber who would seat his victims in a chair, lure […]


A Degree is Not Enough Anymore…

The whole point of going to University is to be able to graduate with a degree which will increase the chances of you getting a better job. However more students are leaving university with a degree and struggling to find a job. This means more students are applying for job-seekers allowance because they have no other option. It […]