A Degree is Not Enough Anymore…

The whole point of going to University is to be able to graduate with a degree which will increase the chances of you getting a better job. However more students are leaving university with a degree and struggling to find a job.

This means more students are applying for job-seekers allowance because they have no other option. It is shocking to think that those who go to University cannot even get a job in retail because they are over qualified yet they are under qualified to get jobs that relate to their degree because of the lack of experience.

I’m afraid to say that students are definitely stuck in some sort of limbo. The prospects of getting a job seem to be turning into a fantasy especially when the Guardian releases figures that suggest there are “83% [of] applications for each job”, therefore the only way they can filter the process is by gate keeping position for those who have a 2.1 (and maybe a 2.2). Yet the Guardian state “”If you include the 2:2 that takes you up to 98% of employers, so pity the poor graduate with a third. They don’t stand a chance of getting a job with a large corporate organisation.”

Furthermore with employers having to make public sector cuts, there are not many positions available. If 2.6m Britons were unemployed in April, what hope does that leave for students who are trying to get their first real job in September? Think about it, if you were an employer are you going to employ someone who is a recent graduate who lacks experience, or someone who has many years of experience in the field.

Universities need to prepare students for the harsh reality of the job industry and include compulsory work experience modules. Especially for BA degrees such as English Language, English Literature and History, where students leave university being able to be a reader and researcher.

The conservatives are not making it much better for students either, with job cuts, increased tax on products and the rise of tuition fees, it does make you wonder. According to the BBC, students who start University in 2012 will be leaving with a degree and with £53,000 of debt. The positive is that you don’t start paying it back until you earn £21,000 but from the way things are shaping up if not enough students can earn that, then the UK could be in even more debt.

We can only hope that more jobs are created in the future and that the state of the economy gets better.


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