Before it Rains: A Review

Before it rains is the poignant independent play written by Katherine Chandle which has recently just been showcased at the Bristol Old Vic.

The play is made up of a cast of three, Lisa Palfrey, Craig Gazey and Harry Ferrier, who all give an exceptional performance and portrayal of their characters.

The play is set in a Cardiff estate and demonstrates the struggle of a working class society.

Gloria (Lisa Palfrey) is a vodka drinking single mother trying to raise and protect her autistic son, Michael (Craig Gazey), from going down an indestructible pathway.

Michael and Gloria spend their day sat in their allotment, playfully bickering. Gloria sits in her deck chair talking about the life she wishes she had while drinking vodka.Whereas Michael tends to the garden reciting facts about anything and everything.

Although they may argue no one could fault or deny their love for one another. Gloria was doing a fine job at raising Michael until Carl (Harry Ferrier) moved in to the neighbourhood.

Michael who finds it hard to maintain relationships was delighted when Carl started to befriend him, however he was unaware and oblivious of the disturbing lifestyle Carl led.

Looking for trouble and a way to live, abused Carl seeks out for attention but in the wrong way.

The play demonstrates what lengths someone who is in love will go in order to protect their family, how an individual can find serenity in something as simple as gardening and what will happen to those who have been physically and mentally abused in life.

If you didn’t catch the play in Bristol, there still remains a chance to catch it in Cardiff at the Sherman Cymru between 25 September – 6 October.

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