Experience: Overseas journalism students study in the capital

Why are more students deciding to study journalism and in the English Capital? I hear the stories of international students.

  • Jenna Rinderknecht, 20, from Zurich talks about balancing socializing and studying. 

There needs to be a good balance between going out and studying. I’m keen to get good grades; I think it’s quite important that I pass. I don’t like to have a C grade in the end. I like to have good grades in the end.

I’ve been to London several times; I think I’ve been here 3 times before, one time with my father, once with my old friend and once with some good friends. The size of the city is the most compelling difference. Zurich is a really beautiful city and really clean. You can’t imagine how clean Zurich is, you can eat from the floor, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You can do Zurich in a day but it would take you a month to do London.

I’m studying English Language, Linguistics and Literature, at the University of Zurich. I choose to come to London to study, as it was easier for me to study journalism somewhere where I could speak language and somewhere, where I could improve my English. And London is of course a really beautiful city. I would have never wanted to go to another country where I couldn’t speak the language.

I think I’m quite disciplined with my assignments, I try to get them done on the same day that we get them. I try to finish them as soon as possible; working through the night isn’t a problem for me. I manage to go out because of my good time keeping skills. If I finish my assignments in the week then I can take the weekend off and go clubbing or partying.

I’m not just here for school, school, school because I’m going back to University in September and then I’ll have school, school, school and learning for the next 3 months. However there definitely needs to be a balance between studying and socialising.

Since being here I’ve been to several clubs and I’ve been to some bars. I actually really enjoy London’s nightlife because it’s so incredibly different compared to Zurich’s. It’s much more fun and there are so many things to see and do. People are quite outgoing in London and they’re quite self-confident. It’s nice to meet new people as it makes going out really interesting.

I’ve also been to several other parts of the city, such as Brick Lane Market, Portobello Market, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and I’ve strolled around Soho, Camden and Covent Garden.

From doing this course I’ve learnt that I really like feature writing because I like to play with words. I think writing is boring if you don’t have an interesting topic. I really like creative writing because it’s free. It’s not a limited structure. I like to choose nice words and to create life.

What I think would be interesting for me, is to write reviews about; restaurants, clubs or give sightseeing tips but not in an ordinary way. As I like to get around and travel, I think it could be an option for me especially as I prefer feature writing. So I think I will go in that direction.

  • Francesco Cianfarani, 24, from Rome talks about his ambition to be a journalist.

For me journalism means a way of life, a mission to teach and transmit to each other our experience, our culture, and our passions. I like to think that I’m a storyteller, and that people listen to me with a lot of interest 

I came to London because it is at the world’s center. It’s a city with many different cultures and different people. It’s so big and full of life. The schools in London are very serious and coming here allows me to improve my English, so it’s as good as my Italian, which is very important for my future.

I’m studying law at an Italian University and I’m in the last year but I don’t like it very much. I don’t like law because it is very boring, you have to respect many rules, and you have work all of your life. You always have to stick to the judge’s decision, which is impossible for me. The London school of journalism course has shown me I want to change my career path and my university course. I have found my true way: journalism.

I definitely don’t want to live in Rome in the future, there are too many provincial people and it’s very hard to find a good job. I hate the Italian mood, and in particular the roman people, they are too close-minded for the world of today.

I have had a chance to explore the city. I was very excited to explore London again. I know the city very well because my family and me love it. It’s maybe the15th time that I’ve been here and I lived here when I was I was child for 18 months. Which is also an amazing memory for me.

The course is fun! There are different people from various parts of the world and I love it. The course is very intense and exhaustive. I like the teachers and their flawless English.

This course has increased my passion for journalism as well as allowing me to share the passion with other people, which is very important to me. It gives me energy and hope for the future. I love this school and the people who come here; also the teachers are very kind and understanding.

I love sport journalism and art in general (cinema, music and painting). For me sport is an art too. My dream is to give people lot of information about the world, culture, past, history, sport. But the most important thing is that my writing has to be amusing, entertaining, and enjoyable for the reader.

Journalism is full of life, freedom, open-minded. Whereas a lawyer is a technician, an engineer; work is not so fun and not with deep feelings, is like a bureaucratic man, without fantasy.

Luckily my parents are very open-minded and follow me in all of my choices. They want to see me happy, not only full of career or full of money, they know that I love writing and that becoming a lawyer is not a job for me.

I hope to have fun in my job, to meet many people, to travel, to create different experiences, to write for many people and to live my youth with happiness and without anxiety for the job. Life is life, and it’s about what makes you feel alive, not how much you earn.

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