Husbands and Wives

Husbands and WivesWitty, emotional and a classic that still can be appreciated now.

So as a gift I was given a Woody Allen Boxset. Now the characteristic of one who likes a Woody Allen film is typically idealistic, hopelessly romantic and self-destructive. I guess, if I had no choice then, yes I would describe myself in that way.

Wood Allen films are typically set in New York, heavily dialogue driven, has Woody Allen playing a ‘Walter Mitty’ character and have an underlying theme of love. Husbands and Wives is no exception to these Woody Allen qualities.

Husbands and Wives tells the story of four friends, who are two couple dealing with their marital problems and over coming infidelity issues.

The two couples (Woody Allen with Mia Farrow and Sydney Pollack with Judy Davis) reassess their lives as ‘Husbands and Wives’ covering issues of communication, their sex lives, separation, younger women and the idea of starting family.

In this film the script is written so well, that you almost believe that these characters exist. Once again Woody Allen proves that in order to make a good film all you need is a good city setting, a creative script and actors who can bring on screen chemistry to the set.

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