The Eden Sessions: An evening of celebration and intensity

eden session

On the 2nd July in Cornwall at the Eden Project, the outdoor biome was transformed in to a concert area where many gathered for an intimate set headlined by the xx and accompanied by supporting artists CHIC featuring Nile Rogers. The event can only be described a snug, it was almost as though each member of the crowd got an individual one on one performance. There was a real sense of community, every single audience member was there for the same reason, to party with CHIC, Nile Rogers and zone out with the xx.

CHIC feat Nile Rogers first graced the stage with copious amounts of energy, exhilaration and an energetic atmosphere that made everyone want to get up to dance. Their performance was extraordinary, with hits ‘Goodtimes’, ‘Le Freak’, ‘I Want You Love’ and ‘Everybody Dance’ sung. Furthermore much to the crowd’s pleasure, further audience pleasers were performed, from Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’, Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ and Ross’s ‘I’m Coming Out’. CHIC feat Nile Rogers managed to transform the Eden project in to a giant outdoor party.

Of course after every party there is that time needed, usually at the end of the night, where the last ones standing put on chill out music and zone out. In this case, the xx was the crowd’s post party album. The xx’s set was so smooth and flawlessly executed; it was a combination of perfection without force. The xx definitely let the music takeover their performance, the band members were shadows of the music. There were no faults with the performances of favourites such as ‘Intro’, ‘VCR’, ‘Crystalised’, ‘Islands’ from XX and from performances of the latest hits such as ‘Angels’, ‘Chained’, ‘Try’ and ‘Sunset’.

The sound of the xx can be described as hauntingly beautiful, with the vocals of Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim combined with Jamie xx’s electronic beats, the xx are able to create music that suits every mood. Although the weather in Cornwall did let the crowd down it seemed to collocate with the xx’s performance. The rain, the lighted up biomes, the projected purple clouds and the chilled out atmosphere was just an excellent juxtaposition and perfect end to an exuberant evening.

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