The whole point of going to University is to be able to graduate with a degree which will increase the chances of you getting a better job. However more students are leaving university with a degree and struggling to find a job. This means more students are applying for job-seekers allowance because they have no other option. It […]

Thousands of commuters will face travelling problems this weekend due to Notting Hill festival, but Maida Vale residents plan to avoid the over sized crowds this year by walking. Notting Hill Carnival is held every August bank holiday weekend and is expected to attract over 1 million people. Maida Vale tube station proves to be […]

Okay, as it’s relevant right now, I thought I would post my opinions about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. This book has clearly been written because it challenges everything about post 21st Century Feminism however I do not think it’s portraying how women want to be seen. Most who have criticized the book have said that it is […]

That time of year has arrived when we become stuck in a rut about what to do in the summer. Amongst juggling work and home life, we are now faced with the challenge of making the most of the little sunshine we receive in Bristol. Finding activities for the family, children, couples and groups of […]

If you are looking for something to do this summer then the Royal Academy of Arts is definitely a must. This is the exhibition’s 244th year. The exhibition has 14 rooms each as impressive as the last. There is a little bit of art for everyone, as the RA claims there are paintings, sculptures, photography, […]

In a matter of minutes a person’s hopes and dreams can come crashing down. Why is this? Why do we feel happy and optimistic one minute and then the next we find ourselves in a dark place, surrounded by negativity. My guess, is only as good as yours, this could be because of stress, anxiety […]

There is an unspoken beauty about the image of a sunrise.